Junior Dark on the set with myself and the @rompasreggae crew. Today he got the very important job of carrying the 45 record adaptors and operating the echo box. Next week we learn the art of the cross fader and the importance of selection. Love spinning with my kids #reggae #records #vinyl #45’s #teacher #student

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The stops you make when running through your city are a time to stop and soak in some inspiration for the next time you find the run hard. #rdc #rundemcrew #rundem #barbican #crewlove #curve #run #marathon #marathontraining

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Know The Ledge. Foundation tunes for the people dem. Original breaks and beats. #45’s #records #vinyl #hiphop #breaks

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Sometimes you get invited to perform at events that really touch your soul. @910publishingltd have been doing great work in the school system and have put together this book of letters for the younger generation . Had the pleasure of performing at the launch of this fantastic book yesterday and it really got me thinking about what more I can do to help those coming up behind me. So first off I’ve decided to donate my fee for the event to buy books to donate to schools who would like a copy for their libraries. Secondly I’m encouraging you to donate an hour of your time to a young person in your community or family who may need it. Take them to lunch and drop some jewels in their head. Lastly I’m asking you to either write a letter to your younger self or to write a letter to a young person you may know. I always tell the kids on our RDC Youngers project that an hour of someone’s time is more valuable than money and I meet a ton of young people on the daily who just need someone to listen to them. As adults we often moan about the younger generation and how they are lost but how often do we take time to pull them aside and actually have a conversation? Anyway just a fragment of my random thoughts for the day. If you are a school teacher, librarian in need of books then holla. Have a blessed day people. #crewlove #bridgethegap #rdc #rundem #rundemcrew #rdcyoungers #letterstoayounggeneration #910publishing #books #library #london #southbank

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"Who’s the better player?"
"I am. He’s too scared to sacrifice his pieces. He hasn’t learned that sometimes you need to lose two to gain three."

(Kampala, Uganda)

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The big wheel keeps on turning . View from today’s office. #london

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Sorting the truth from the hype. When a request comes through to HQ you might face some random questioning. Those with a desire to race people to the traffic light need not apply. #rundem #rundemcrew #rdc #rdcyoungers #bridgethegap #crewlove #community

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Man Dem Carnival costume. Apparently he made it himself. Love seeing the outfits that people come out to rave in. #carnival #nottinghillcarnival #carnival14

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The moment when your body says let’s have some chill time, some alone time, some me time. Yes yes Rocky, I feel you mate #cat #bengal #shadow

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At some point in any race and just like in life the going gets tough and you begin to question your purpose. Sometimes it will take the inspiration of others to get you through to the end. So sending this one out to the gal dem from the mighty @voltwomen currently tearing up the the 198 miles of the @hoodtocoast relay. What you have achieved in just one year is incredible and it’s been super inspirational watching you rise and fly. Dining table idea to international movement . Flash back from last years race with the original Volt Women team ‘Heart and Sole’ . Look out for them on the course and check out their incredible story. True Pioneers. #htc14 #hoodtocoast #voltwomen #rdc #bridgethegap #elevatewomensrunning #voltwomen14 #runportland #rundemcrew #rundem #marathon

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Jam done. Awesome vibes Now begins putting records back into sleeves. The perks of keeping it 100 percent vinyl and a time for quiet reflection on what just went down. The highlights and lows the mixes and blends and the tunes that rocked the dance. Salutes to everyone who came out. Big up. Run Dem Sound debut and we did da ting . Big up @djalfingers . Solid. #bridgethegap #rdc #rundemcrew ##rundem #crewlove #dancehall #reggae #records

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This time last year I was lining up on the start line of the Hood To Coast relay and getting ready to run 198 miles with @trizzoels and the rest of the team. An awesome life changing adventure for sure. Shouts to everyone taking part this year especially the gal dem from @voltwomen . Know you are going to absolutely duppy up this course no problem. Run strong, run hard and enjoy every step #voltwomen #rundem #rundemcrew #bridgethegap #rdc #crewlove #bridgethegap #hoodtocoast #htc14voltwomen #htc14 #nike #nikerunning

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Old school early 90’s with the #trasher tee and #Oshkosh cap. Was probably still in my Tribe Called quest vibe at this point so always rocking the beads. Shot somewhere in Soho in my hairdressing junior days #cuts #soho #demob #fishhairdressers #skate #denim

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